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You have arrived at the site formerly known as Updates coming soon!

Jay is presently writing and recording a semi-gargantuan opus for a new project presently titled Funkolossus.

Jay is also looking forward to writing, recording and performing with Steve Winwood once again in 2006.

"I would like to wish you all a great holiday season. It's non-stop from Halloween until New Years unless of course, your team is in the Super Bowl. The solstice coincides with holy days for everyone, so celebrate every moment with friends, family, and loved ones in your own style. The Real Live Horns were part of an awesome Christmas record last summer. The producer of this record has most generously invited me to share these songs with you for free this holiday season. Merry Christmas!"
- Jay Davidson

Click Frankenmuth, I'm In Love With You, 21 Days, Special Time to hear these new classic Christmas songs. We'd like to thank J. Paul Koehler, Ernest Olivarez, Steve Jankowski, Shtan Mack, Brian Brokaw, Randy Andos, Tim Miller, Julian Gonzolez, Richard Belfort, and John Eichelberger for their collaboration on this project.

(Click on a track name to play it, or right-click / save link as to download the track).

Also, click right here if you're interested in owning a full copy of this cool new Christmas CD. It's a well spent twelve bucks, y'know for the twelve days.........

Ladies & Gentlemen, play I'm In Love With You then grab your special someone and slow dance for a memorable Christmas...guar-on-teed.

Madd shouts & holiday props to the following illuminators: Steve Winwood touring company- Steve Winwood, James Towler, Matt Dowden, Stephan "Cuzzy" Curran, Shanna Dickerson, Jack Rovner, Ken Levitan, JT Poe, Genia Winwood, Jose Neto, Tim Robinson, Cousin Richard, Karl Van Den Bossche, Davide Giovannini, Celso Alberti, Cafe & Linda Da Silva, Gina Musser- and Blair, Sue, Harold, Barb, John & Meredith Beebe, Tim & Helen Spangler, Tim Motzer, Olga Jimenez, Jan & Alan Markowitt, Mary Trainor, Rachel Nace, Nate Skiles, Nikole Nelson, George Stanford, Kali Lela Colton, George Corrigan, Kyra Kennedy, Fred Berman, Michele Kaeder, Denise Hand, Ben Arnold, Barb Adams, Dave Quicks, Fergus Carie, Greg & Michi Davis, Kevin Stroman, Amos Lee, Bill Eib, The Burndown Allstars, Jesus Christ,The Mia Johnson Band, the entire UGO crew, Remy Hendrix, Mikal Kamil, Jehovah's Chosen, Henri McMillian, Redlemon, Beth Kellner, my west coast family, Ron Jennings, Mike & Khandi Boone, Rich Posmontier, Dave Johnson, Elaine Hatzistavrakis, Jeannette McFarland, Laura Snead, Chico Huff, George Manney, Wally & Amy Smith, Blue Star, Fern Brodkin, Kevin Boshea, Holly Hastings, Ronette King, Josh Lord, Beth Greenwood, Quinn & JoAnne DeMenna, Domenick & Mauri De Menna, Chris, Lauren, Kimberly, & Karen Adams, Doug De Hays, Ben Edwards, Makaria Tsapatoris, Peter MacLeod, Stefan Tsapatoris, Heather Henderson, PJ Browne, Heather Peterson, Joe Blakely, Jason Mescia, Deanna McGlaughlin, Walt Bass, Erin Riley, Erin Ryan, Devin Greenwood, John Francis, Birdie Busche, Jeff Domenick, Jaron Olevsky, Jared Melson,Joe Di Augustine, Erik Johnson, Barry Sames, Dan Kleiman, Jimmy Coleman, Jef Lee Johnson,Hannah Tsapatoris, Mike Jarosz, Clay Sears, Bill & Bret Jolly, Johnnie Croom, Brent White, Marsha Irons, Andre Jackson, Andre Houser, Jeremy Cohen, Robert Wah Wah LeGrande, Pete LaPlaca, Rick, Vicki, and Jake Prince, Steve Baughmann, Ted Greenberg, Gautama Buddha, Rabbi Michael Berg, Pete & Aje Rudd, Yasha Goldntyer, Jon Wolfe, Allan Slutsky, Ray Legnini, Kevin Padden, The PFF Video Crew, Phil & Terry Nicolo, Gail Renehan, Robert Palmer, Pamela Pearse, Rebecca Debus, Rebecca Gardner, Bill Talarico, Rich Washington, Junius Bervine, Matt Cappy, Kai Henry, Will Hoge, Susan Pacitti, Blythe Lowry, Malcolm Condie, Nikka Costa, Joshua Lopez, Skip Denenberg, Ellen Bohrer, Keri Knowles, Carlton King, Mikki Kornegay, NARAS, Jodee Davidson, David Daniels, Douglas Grigsby, Kelly & James Daniels, Juli Davidson, Marc Chusid, Jesse Rae Davidson Chusid, John, Becky, jake & Nicole Davidson, Jan, Ed, & Max Kalny, Christmas Birthday boy Milt Davidson, you and most of all- Jane Steelman Davidson......